Spartan Creed for Every Deed

Spartan creed for every deed suggests the duty, discipline and devotion for the ultimate quest of the personal mission. For an ethical framework by which life is a meaningful experience in every aspect, the free will choice is in the purpose of individuation. A code of ethics is a private selection. For a few, who […]

The Hour Glass In Time

Everyday lives can be summed up like sand flowing down through the hour glass. The hour glass of life where the experiences of our days shape who you ought to be, what you can be, who you will be and who you really are. Through the years I have tasted caviar, and eaten humble pie. […]

The Power Of Wealth

The Bible foretells us that the meek shall inherit the earth. Today, much of humanity is still waiting for that to happen. All through-out history it has always been the exact opposite. The meek are the ones that are still being used, abused, ridiculed, trampled on, forced into slavery and still are indentured servants to […]

Those Were The Days

In a world far removed from the harsh realities of now people joined together in fellowship and harmony. A world filled with youthful exuberance where any thought of despair was quickly dispelled. The laughter and gaiety that we shared in those seasons in the sun made our lives from which memories are made. The friendships […]

We’re Not All Fighting the Same War

There is a lot to be upset about these days. Most people don’t feel their needs are being addressed. The world is suffering with the loss of life, infection of many, first responders over worked, and in many cases economies frozen. It’s scary and the unknown freaks us out, not a surprise. Wars are conflicts […]

Who’s Writing Your Narrative?

We’re living in turbulent times. Illness has been in the headlines for months on a global scale. We are bombarded with numbers, on a daily basis, of the number infected and the number dead. Media broadcasts the mass graves being dug in South America. We also see forty-five hundred trumpet players who at the same […]

The Mounting Crisis Within

One can not help think that the horrific actions of 4 police officers set off a chain of events when they brutally murdered George Floyd. They knew full well that their actions decimated the rule of law, violated civil rights, and out right committed murder with malicious intent. As a result coinciding with other police […]

When Will We Ever Learn

The temptations of today far outreach the level of civility. There has always been periods in history where man loses sight of what is good and virtuous. Today, is no different. Much of society has succumbed to an acceptance, a form of behavior consistent with patterns long since past. A past where too many were […]