A Suspicious Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

I have discovered over the years several types of minds. The “open mind” which catches everything except the truth. The “analytical mind” which organizes everything to the point of sterility. The “closed mind” which you can bounce ideas and they never stick. For every man, there is the “woman’s mind.” Every husband knows if he […]

How to Best Communicate Online

When you’re speaking to someone face to face, it’s easy to understand what they’re saying. After all, we don’t only speak with our mouths; we actually communicate using our bodies too. When face to face, you can read someone’s hand gestures, body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. All of this makes it very […]

How to Introduce Yourself to a Group or a Class

Introductions can cause quite a bit of vacillate. Whether you ‘harshly a student or a bookish, learn how to richly and effectively focus on a self-commencement to a class or a group. I’ve taught hundreds of corporate workshops as swiftly as on summit of a dozen academe classes. I know from experience that many students […]

The Secret to Samuel Morse and His Electric Telegraph

“There is nothing now left for invention to achieve but to discover new before it takes place,” a reporter on the New York Herald reported in 1844. The journalist was referring to the electric telegraph, an invention borne of the Industrial Revolution that transformed how the American West was ‘won.’ In the space of twenty […]

Fiber Optic Cables – Perfect Transmitting Mediums

Communication is the most integral part of our lives these days. Be it cellphones, emails, etc. the basic idea is to transfer messages from one point to another at great speeds. This transmission of signals is done through transferring mediums. The medium can be of 2 types:- • Wired transmission mediums• Wireless transmission mediums Among […]

Why Security Is About Partnership

Think security, think safety. Your life, investment, family, loved ones, community, state and country must be protected, must be secured. They matter the most to you. But, as you know, security and insecurity begins from the minds of people and spread over time to others. So, you are expected to be careful on what you […]

Metaphors Gone Wild: Ceilings and Empowerment

Metaphors have been described, by Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset, as magical. He has referred to them as one of the most fertile, fruitful powers on earth. If you are not taking advantage of this power, you are missing verbal opportunities to project an image of power. Just consider this–one simple, two-word metaphor that […]